About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be planet’s most water conservation-centric company; to build technologically innovative and inspiring products that transforms the Water Information Management

Our Mission

We are on our mission to help save every precious drop of water

Why do we care ?

Water is one of the most essential element for life and water waste problem is bigger than we all realize!

Estimated 6 billion gallons of treated water is lost per day which cost $4B per year. An average of over 34% of pumped water is lost as NRW (Non-Revenue Water) as a result of theft, tampering, meter inaccuracy and faulty distribution networks. 

Water Agencies and its customers are facing several issues related with Water Loss, Non-Revenue Water, Undetected Leaks and Water Budget. There is a lack of Water 360 Eco-system that can track, analyze, provide actionable intelligence to optimize agency’s internal costs and improving operational efficiency. 

What are we doing?

We developed pre-built data adapters to access real time customer AMI Usage Data, Billed Consumption Data, Water Production Meter Data, Payments data and Customer Information System data. It allows Water Utilities to track NRW and Consumption/Budget on a more frequent basis and enables them to comply with AWWA annual audit reporting for State/DWR reporting purposes.  Daily/Hourly AMI Usage data will help to monitor trends of Apparent and Real losses more frequently and give chance to State/Utilities/AWWA/DWR to take corrective actions early on and not wait till end of the year to take corrective actions to reduce Water loss and subsequently reduce Non-revenue water.

As a result we are introducing Trackle!

  Next Generation Water Information Management, Tracking and Actionable Intelligence Platform

TRACKLE is an online web and mobile platform which provides Real time Water usage/budget, NRW Tracking and Business Analytics with pre-built data adapters to access real time AMI usage data, Billed consumption data, Payments data, Customer Information System CIS data.

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